Final report of 3Ds Max Advanced Modelling professional workshop


Following the professional workshops of 1391 (2012) and in a joint partnership of Sarzamin Honarhaye Digital Company (Architecture Design) and Tasvirgaran Pouya Andish Institute, the second workshop of 3Ds Max professional workshops with the title of ‘’Advanced Modelling’’ was held at Tasvirgaran Pouya Andish Institute auditorium with a group of instructors and enthusiasts on Friday, 24 Azar (14 December). This successful workshop was presented by Saeed Joshan, 3Ds Max software professional instructor.

The workshop started at sharp 10:00 as scheduled. At the beginning, Ali Vasegh Maleki, manager of Tasvirgaran Pouya Andish Institute welcomed the attendees and introduced some aims of the workshop and encouraged the trainees’ practice and perseverance in fields of art, creativity and life.

The workshop host, Mr. Garoosi, a well-known radio and TV presenter introduced the workshop and its syllabus and familiarized the attendees with the major points of the workshop.

Saeed Joshan started the workshop officially by beginning his teaching at 11.


In the first part, modelling theoretical topics were discussed as Saeed Joshan introduced practical modelling technics such as Shape, Cross Section, NURBS, Surface, Cloth, Scatter and Hair And Fur tools.

The first part of the workshop including the presentation of theoretical topics by Saeed Joshan came to an end at 1:45. Also, an appreciation was made by the management of the Institute to Saeed joshan and some special guests including Shahriar Maleki, Adobe international trainer, Siamak Khazeni, best chosen university professor in the country, and Mr. Soltani, chief editor of



The refreshments and lunch were served at 1:15 as planned in the serving hall.

Mr. Garoosi started the second part of the workshop by introducing Mohammad Hossein Tabrizi and presenting a brief biography and resume of his work.

Mohammad Hosseing Tabrizi discussed the relationship between architecture and line geometry and presented a historical and documented investigation of the relationship between architecture and car design during the history. It was followed by demonstrations of some nice and memorable slides.

Saeed Joshan continued in the second and final part of the workshop. He introduced several features of Edit Poly tool and presented various practical examples to teach this widely-used technic.

In the following part, Mr. Garoosi introduced the special guest of the workshop, Hamid Barkhor, of Pixomondo Company who had accepted to attend the workshop from Germany.

Hamid Barkhor started his speech by analyzing the basic principles of an artistic work and necessary conditions of its presence in an international level and continued with a brief presentation of VFX. He finalized his speech by showing some his new work and their creation which was welcomed by the attendees.

In the following part, Saeed Joshan appreciated two of his talented trainees in modelling and presented them with an award.

In the end, Tasvirgaran Pouya Andish Institute management thanked the trainers of the workshop by presenting them with certificates of appreciation.

The attendees’ questions were answered by the trainers at the end of the workshop.


Here are some of trainers (from right to left): Pouya Vasegh Maleki, Mr. Pakar (civil engineer), hamid barkhor (VFX expert), Saeed Joshan (workshop trainer), Shahriar Maleki (photoshop expert), Kavosh Khodabandeh (architect), Ali Vasegh Maleki (Artist) and Payam Payandeh Far (architect).


Sarzamin Honarhaye Digital technical and executive team: Ali Safari (Coordinator), Hamed Bakhtiari (executive manager and secretary of the workshop). The attendees were given a certificate of attendance and an educational package at the end of the workshop.

In the end, we appreciate all the attendees to the workshop on behalf of Sarzamin Honarhaye Digital Company (Architecture Design) and apologize to everyone who we couldn’t host due to limited capacity of the hall. We hereby announce to all the fans that more workshops are to be held in the future and we look forward to hearing all your criticisms and suggestions.


Final report of 3Ds Max Advanced Modelling professional workshop

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