Final report of 3Ds Max photo-realistic rendering professional workshop



Following professional workshops in 1393 (2014) and in a joint partnership of Khane Honarhaye se bodi educational group (architecture design) and Jahad Daneshgahi – Beheshti University, the second workshop of 3Ds Max professional workshops with title of ‘’photo-realistic rendering in architecture’’ was held at Beheshti University auditorium with some of the trainers and enthusiasts on Wednesday, 22 Mordad (13 August). This successful workshop was presented by Saeed Joshan, 3Ds Max Professional trainer.



The workshop was planned to start at 4:00 PM, but due to the building industry international exhibition which was being held near the workshop location, it started at 4:15 PM.

Saeed Joshan started teaching and thus, the workshop started officially at 4:20.



The first part of the workshop which lasted for an hour and a quarter included a review of 3Ds Max Software history and its developers’ biographies. Then, the hardware required for an optimal render was described and the attendees got familiarized with basic principles of software academic and professional learning with the aim of an optimal and a photo-realistic render in the following part.

Afterwards, Saeed Joshan presented some practical examples and some videos and slides to elaborate the discussion further.

The attendees had a break and refreshments were served at 5:15 PM as scheduled.

Saeed Joshan started the second part of the workshop with technical discussions related to rendering engines and effects of each of them and proper adjustments on each render.

In the end, Mr. Gholabroudi appreciated Saeed Joshan by presenting him a certificate of appreciation.

The attendees’ questions were answered by Saeed Joshan at the end of the workshop. The workshop ended with photos taken of the attendees, workshop officials and some of Saeed Joshan’s best trainees.


Final report of 3Ds Max photo-realistic rendering professional workshop