Final report of 3Ds Max sampling professional workshop


Following a joint partnership of Sarzamin Honarhaye Digital company and Arman College, the first workshop of 3Ds Max and V.Ray plugin professional workshops with title of ‘’user and the role of sampling in photo-realistic renders’’ was held at Arman College auditorium on Friday, 17 Shahrivar (8 September). The workshop was presented by Saeed Joshan, 3Ds Max Professional instructor.

The workshop started at 10:15 with a fifteen-minute delay. Firstly, besides welcoming the attendees, Mr. Khalili, head of education at Arman College, introduced some of the aims of the workshop. In the following phase, Mr. Jalalian, head of architecture department, gave a short speech to the attendees.

The workshop started at 10:30 by showing a video concerning V.Ray plugin modern achievements and the newest renders of great international artists which was welcomed by the attendees. Then, Mr. Saeed Joshan introduced Sampling and GI Calculations topics to the attendees. He presented professional and theoretical topics on the role of sampling calculations adjustment in improvement of product render quality and rendering time reduction.

At the end of this presentation, the attendees had a fifteen-minute break at 12:30 during which refreshments were served.

At the beginning of the second part of the workshop, a certificate of appreciation was presented to the workshop trainer, Saeed Joshan and the guest instructors by the college officials.

Omid Asgari, gaming critic and designer, started the second part of the workshop by presenting a general introduction of gaming, its history and its relation with architecture. Then, he continued his presentation by showing some demos of world new rendering engines and some description of how they work.

In the following, Saeed Joshan introduced and appreciated Mohammad Hossein tabrizi, a young artist from Iran who had achieved the first position in car designing.

Saeed Joshan continued his presentation with a brief biography of the special guest of the workshop, Hamid Barkhor and invited him for a speech.


Mr. Barkhor who had come a long way from Germany to the workshop talked about his experience at Pixomondo Company. He also discussed VFX and visual special effects further with the attendees. Then, he continued his speech by showing the behind the scenes and production phases of advertising videos produced by him which seemed welcomed by the audience.

Afterwards, Saeed Joshan complemented the GI calculations theoretical discussion by showing some of his work and explained some of the tricks of post-production.

At the end, a video of global artist, Alex Roman, was shown and followed by an analysis and all the tricks and plugins used in his work were taught to the attendees and given to them at the end of the workshop.

This was followed by Saeed Joshan and Hamid Barkhor answering the attendees’ questions.

In the end, we appreciate all the attendees to the workshop on behalf of Sarzamin Honarhaye Digital company and apologize to everyone who we couldn’t host due to limited capacity of the hall. We hereby announce to all the fans that more workshops are to be held in the future and we look forward to hearing all your criticisms and suggestions.

Final report of 3Ds Max sampling professional workshop

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