Final report of Rendering in Vray workshop

Final report of Rendering in Vray workshop:


Isfahan (Danesh Pajoohan Higher Education Institute)


Following professional workshops in 1391 (2012), the fourth workshop of rendering in V.ray was held on 16 Mehr 1395 (7 October 2016) in cooperation with Danesh Pajoohan Higher Education Institute.


The workshop started at 8:30 with Saeed Joshan providing basic explanations about V.ray rendering engine.
Afterwards, he reviewed professional work of artists in this rendering engine and explained external factors influencing professional outputs for the participants.


First section of the workshop:
A thorough explanation of render setup settings, its options and practical examples were provided and taught until 1:00 PM.
The trainer and participants had a break for lunch for an hour until 2:00.
Creating materials and textures in Vray and consequently in Photoshop was taught in the following section followed by practical examples and exercises.


Then, lighting technics and importance of camera settings in V.ray plugin were pointed out.
In the following part, significance of modelling and performing suitable commands and technics in 3Ds Max, which are of high importance in creating and quality of V.ray output, was explained and also hints on creating professional scenes with low details and volume in order to manage shorter rendering time were provided.


At the end, all related points and technics were reviewed in an internal scene so that the participants would be able to perform professional projects in the right way and of adequate quality.


Participants asked their questions of Saeed Joshan toward the end of the workshop. The workshop came to an end with taking some photos.
Thanks to Mr. Adib, the institute manager.
Interior designing department manager: Ms. Tayebi.
Educational expert: Ms. Shahzeydi.
Coordination: Mr. Mahya Alizadeh Akhlaghi.


Final report of Rendering in Vray workshop

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