The Land of Little Moon ( Masooleh ) 2016

Official Website Saeed Joshan - Masoleh Village 2016 - 3Ds Max, V.ray, Photoshop
Saeed Joshan – Masoleh Village 2016 – 3Ds Max, V.ray, Photoshop

I am Saeed Joshan, post-graduate in urban planning at Tehran north branch of Islamic Azad University. Due to the urban theories credit that I had at university, I got interested in studies on sustainable cities and eventually, after finishing the studies, I chose Masooleh as my project. For this reason, I had a trip to Masooleh in fall, so that I could feel the urban texture and materials up close to be able to begin modelling much better. After returning home, I began Masooleh project which took about 6 months to complete. In Pahlavi language, the word “Masooleh” is written as “Mah Sooleh”. The word “Mah” is used in its literal meaning “the moon” and “Sooleh” means “little’’ in the local dialect. Therefore, “Masooleh” means the little moon. Masooleh has a unique architecture and its architectural texture was formed in era of Zand dynasty.
The outlook of Masooleh is one in which we are facing nature, buildings and human being. However, these elements have been put together in a way that none of them cause decline of the others during years and we have witnessed this interaction through history till present time – an interaction that has caused a sustainable outlook. In fact, the sustainable outlook formed in Masooleh is due to the preservation of identity and attachment to the past. We can state that it is the powerful social outlook among people that has caused this kind of attachment and identity preservation. In conclusion, Masooleh can be considered as a sample of urban outlook sustainable design.

The Land of Little Moon ( Masooleh ) 2016

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