3D Training

3ds Max, V.ray, Photoshop (Post-production) private course:

The course takes place in twenty five 3-hour sessions, 1 session a week, totaling to 75 hours (even on holidays)

Learners will be able to execute professional architectural designing (interior, exterior, classic, traditional and etc.) projects at the end of the course.

They will also achieve advanced level in modeling category i.e. industrial models and gaming modelling.

3 projects (interior, exterior and house) will be finalized by the end of the course which will effectively boost the proficiency of the learners’ resume.

Classes are held every day in the following hours:

7 – 10, 10 – 13, 13 – 16, 16 – 19 and 19 – 22

Classes are held in Darakeh Square.

For further information, contact 09124266418

Course syllabus is available in PDF.