About me

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Saeed Joshan

  • Born 1360 (1981)
  • Graphic Designing undergraduate, post-graduate in urbanism 1394 (2015)
  • Artistically active in designing, graphics and photography since 1385 (2006)
  • Active in 3D designing since 1388 (2009)


  • 3ds Max
  • Photoshop
  • Zbrush
  • Speedtree
  • Vue


  • V.Ray
  • Snow Flow
  • Ray Fire
  • Multi Scatter
  • Advanced Painter
  • Forest
  • Phoenix FD

Work Experience

  • Interior designing projects such as Debsh tea factory designing project
  • Various interior and exterior designing projects across the country (Iran)
  • Traditional architecture project for Cultural Heritage Organization
  • Simulation of historical and architectural sites in the world such as shrine of Rumi in Konya, Turkey, Buckingham palace in England, Agglo hotel in England, historical district in Rome, Italy, Amsterdam restaurant in the Netherlands and concept projects

Awards and Achievements

  • First position in well-known website of 3dtotal


  • Nominated for top 5 of 2016 in well-known website of Cgarchitect (nominees2016)


  • Selected work in category Inspiration: Wood Vol.3 in well-known website of Cgarchitect


  • Selected work in category Inspiration-Tree & Fooliage in well-known website of Cgarchitect


  • Interviewed by well-known website of 3dtotal